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Farmented Foods: Our Story

Farmented was founded on three simple principles: to help reduce the waste stream on farms, educate consumers on the immense health benefits associated with fermentation, and finally to help generate a profit for small local farmers year round.

Small farms have a big problem when it comes to waste of grade B, ugly and excess vegetables. With fermentation, we can create a value added product for consumers out of unused and unwanted vegetables. The value Farmented adds, is not only in the form of our delicious products, but also in the beneficial bacteria it provides our digestive system.

As a company we have a commitment not only to our customers, but a commitment to our farmers. We promise to always source our vegetables from organic farms. We promise to always use excess and ugly vegetables whenever possible to help eliminate the unnecessary food waste in America. Finally we promise to listen. To Mother Earth, our conscience and our customers.

We are Farmented.

Our Partner Farmers

Excess crops result in a waste of time and money spent on production and harvest activities. Farmented is a value added outlet for these excess crops.
— Dylan Strike, Partner Farmer

Small local farms across the nation face many problems, but one they collectively face is waste stream, this includes unattractive, “grade B” vegetables, and surplus crop of particular vegetables that can change from season to season. Our goal with Farmented is to help eliminate this waste stream while helping farmers become more sustainable.

Interested in becoming a partner farmer? Want to carry Farmented in your store? Just interested in learning more? Send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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