Farmented Foods

How to Enjoy your favorite Farmented Foods

Whether you enjoy a perfectly curated meal, or eating straight from the jar,

we’ve got some recipes to spark your foodie creativity.


The Kimcheese

A Farmented favorite, our signature kimcheese is sure to get your tastebuds going.

What you need:

2 slices of sourdough bread (or your favorite type of bread) - buttered on the outside

A bit of goat cheese (we like a lot but it’s a personal thing, we get it)

Sliced extra sharp cheddar cheese

Heaping spoon-full evenly spread out in between layers of cheese

Assemble, pan fry on medium heat and enjoy!

*Top off with a bit of miro-greens for a little something extra

Salad Topping

Any salad is better when adding some Farmented Spicy Carrots to the mix. Here’s one of our favorites but feel free (like you need permission from us) to make it your own!

What you need:

Salad greens + micro greens

Farmented Spicy Carrots

Red onion, beet, tomato or whatever other veggies you wish

Plum or other tasty fruit

Gorgonzola crumbles

Chop, mix and enjoy! *Pro Tip: use the Spicy Carrot Brine as a vinaigrette! #winning



Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Adding a bit of Dill Sauerkraut instead of pickles to your favorite sandwich adds that delicious dill flavor you love with a special kick!

What you need:

2 slices of your favorite bread, lightly toasted

Thin cut chicken breast, seasoned and grilled

Lettuce greens, tomato slices, red onion

Favorite sandwich dressing (we like mayo and a dit of dijon)

Spoonful, or two, of Farmented Dill Sauerkraut

Assemble and enjoy!